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Install-action is 1/3 of ]performance s p a c e ['s programme: In Conversation an series of three digital residencies coupling artists working at the intersection of methodologies. The project will see three pairings of creatives exchange ideas across a five month period resulting in a three week programme (one week per residency) of interdisciplinary exhibitions. These may take any shape; from a symposium or performance, to the production of a written document or installation.

Rasa Todosijevic ‘Was Ist Kunst’ (1978)


Rasa Todosijevic’s seminal “Was ist Kunst?” (“what is Art?”) action is representative of his confrontational and politically charged approach to performance, and to his perspective on art in general. This 1976 work consisted of the artist touching, slapping and smearing the face of his female assistant while demanding an answer to his interrogation, ‘What is Art?’. It is a discourse on authoritarianism whilst questioning and satirising the nature of art itself, a duality which is prevalent throughout Rasa’s work.

In art and memory, as the artist describes: “I sat by the table with a microphone and started recalling the names of all the artists I know… I instinctively helped myself following some historical chronology: Sumerian, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Crete, Greeks and so on until the Modern age, the twentieth century.” The performance relates to the continuity and longevity of art history as a source of it validation, but also to the subjective art history that exists within the mind of each artist, and which defines their practice. “My memory is the boundary of my history of art.”


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